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Friday, December 2, 2011


shoves the map away
looking down the road
and knows exactly where
he is going

dashed, yellow lines
bury the black
beneath his hidden destiny
slowing down for no one

turn left to fit in;
turn right to save himself
stubbornness is the key to
given intelligence

living outside measures
condemned by inches and feet
this life will end
but he will not

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2012


struts down the slums
wearing only skin
spreading herself like a martyr

love her as you love your wife
but pay her as you pay
your mechanic

realize the dangers around
mixed with pleasure
you seek

thoughts she provokes
only love you
for a matter of time

continue the walk of shame
with fading heel clicks
never wondering her real name

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2011


shuffles the green
grinning at his reward as his
guilty client walks

nights turned sleep into
revealing a dawn of
unspoken formidable laws

justice provided a promotion
humbling the gesture towards
money’s ice cream

handshakes unravel chains
jingling child-widower tears as

unsolved bodies lay buried

©Andrea Laws (Author) October 20th, 2015

Monday, September 5, 2011

Flies and Spiders

threaded fingertips attach to souls
eating wings bent by a crowing
consciousness in empty bowls
excusing pain for a world knowing

prey dribbles down cheeks
rules of nature feed without honor
innocent fuel injected into freaks
defined by a dark smile of conquer

memories disobey fantasies
Christ figures freeing the will to kill
bearing bouquets to drab families
tied with bloody strings for the ill

third eyes plucked for a strange beginning
birthing tyrannical and villainous beliefs
Big Brother always in the winning
preaching censored versions of real thieves

codes now trapped in mirrors of weakness
wanderers creeping behind dire doors
melody sounds and timbre bleakness
arranging new constellations in stores

suspend the iron cauldrons watching
past times upon and past times ago
loud failure claiming perfect timing
as darkness dances we needn’t grow
©Andrea Laws (Author) January 12, 2014

Foreseeable Flight

forbidden dreams traveled lose
flight in shadow’s short
farewell defined by an
invisible line to never
prove existence wrong

back home?

south of destruction;
breaking the equator of
stable separation;
seeking and resting and dying at


back to
compass owned direction
back to
unknown destinies
back from
seeing beyond
back from
unstable truths

©Andrea Laws (Author) May 18th, 2015

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 1600 Dream

forests substitute the wounded ocean to cover
thick acres of bloody paths traveled as
fires unveil snow from a frost bitten sun

discovered creation with no prior writings
enable feasts of new minds and new hearts, but
lest the tribe forget the coins carried in pockets
making millionaires to the holding crown;
a judgment revealed in its finest hour;
a commodity that controls the vision, but destroys
the elements in its manifestation of order

further on up the road…

missed lines in between history books
oblivious and preoccupied by impression
the ugliness beholds the aging tradition
leaving a blinking button to destroy enemies with
fake grenades and spat upon looks

©Andrea Laws (Author) October 20th, 2015

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Alistair's Prayer

clinging to changes owed in
debt solely for him;
the unseen knight waiting
for the moment to ride

sprung by anyone else
attempting to surpass his scars
would volunteer licked wounds
for the addiction of tasting

clouded blue,
distract me from fear of the new
sink, sink, sink me down in my welcoming trance
drown my last breath in cold-skinned arms
let my fingertips glide the imaginable corpse against the
nakedness of truth and reality
make my heart uncatchable and
discovered multiple times by you

nourishing future
bury past’s shovel and dirt,
never let responsibility grow

trespass against me
I will allow you to pass the gates
pull me into my abyss I created for

First appeared in International Who’s Who in Poetry, 2012 Edition, published by the World Poetry Movement (2012)

©Andrea Laws (Author) November 28th, 2014

Thirsty Cravings

soft sounds stir the constraints of
breathing red veins difference
blurring vision to impair
judgment’s fevering presence

the carelessness of the mind
brought by rose colored glasses
covering eyes once seen
passed reality masses

spilling city lights reveal
vicious giants sound mocking
each victim footstep taken
constantly pacing, stalking

propaganda only alludes
lonely, ant farm fences low
elevating foreign sins
past ocean nonsense for flow

old days hide homeland features
disguising skeleton doors
opened by unknown creatures
and preparing coddled moors

bear in mind, hence do not mind
minding is a foolish game
possessing a blue ribbon
of misunderstanding shame

©Andrea Laws (Author) December 14th, 2014