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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedded Bliss

Part I
he catches purpose in
capturing courage, a
slouching diamond
buried by used lingerie

her response touches
speed bumped lips as a
flat tire appears in its
intended suicide

it’s too late to breathe
titles established.
indivisible mystery gone.
the beginning of the end.

Part II

secret electricity exposes
sweat as weakness
prescribed with no control
Dearly beloved
we do not believe we belong
we are gathered here today
to celebrate
a love we are told to have
the joining of
names unfamiliar
in sickness and in health
            we will grind our teeth
in good times and in bad
we will forget what was right,
until death do you part
but death can’t come soon enough

Part III

bonded spirits now grasp
moments shared rather than
moments alone
normal. accepted. right.

Then - Now
beloved                     beloved
just as ordinary           just as dull

First appeared in Snapdragon Journal, Summer 2017 Issue, "Surrender" (

(c) author, Andrea Laws (2008)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clouded Juveniles

secret windows, makers of stone
remind cognizance in
knowing that it is unknown

bars, containing misshaped fortunes,
dissolve lies into thoughts and turn
thoughts into imagination

inquisitive truth, escape conspiracy
console ancient-faced souls lost
among fixed lines

youthful eyes, remain youthful
discover hidden familiarity and
find nothing behind oneself

©Andrea Laws (Author) October 18th, 2015

First appeared on the online literary website, Be Happy Zone (2016) (