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Friday, December 2, 2011


shoves the map away
looking down the road
and knows exactly where
he is going

dashed, yellow lines
bury the black
beneath his hidden destiny
slowing down for no one

turn left to fit in;
turn right to save himself
stubbornness is the key to
given intelligence

living outside measures
condemned by inches and feet
this life will end
but he will not

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2012


struts down the slums
wearing only skin
spreading herself like a martyr

love her as you love your wife
but pay her as you pay
your mechanic

realize the dangers around
mixed with pleasure
you seek

thoughts she provokes
only love you
for a matter of time

continue the walk of shame
with fading heel clicks
never wondering her real name

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2011


shuffles the green
grinning at his reward as his
guilty client walks

nights turned sleep into
revealing a dawn of
unspoken formidable laws

justice provided a promotion
humbling the gesture towards
money’s ice cream

handshakes unravel chains
jingling child-widower tears as

unsolved bodies lay buried

©Andrea Laws (Author) October 20th, 2015