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Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Be

The King’s coffin
            mantles the undying being’s mouth
            like innocence taken by whispering raindrops
            donated along the wall of cancer

No notion of cause or well-being
            just there; out of politeness, we share
                            folding chairs to count the numbers,
                            only to brag the statistics in hell

Footprints of one to carry
            when left-to-have footprints
                        disappeared in the murky mud of
                                    “To be.”
©Andrea Laws (Author) 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012


ears drown to feedback fading with
the sinking sun;
dusk shouts the final stage of

dark filled grass helps
guide this second spirit as
cheeks fill with whispering dew

strange kingdoms reveal relative
faces turning fear thinking to a
monotonous release of the same

if reality has nowhere to begin the
fantasy of death, then
how do we begin to


contempt of fate;
trapped between judged veins
our shadows lie beneath with no light to
tell us our life

like dirty secrets
consummated by shameful blood
freedom is at an expense
bringing one day filled with

no cause for alarm
nor excessive worry, and
our shadows hang above us
creating our own angels

©Andrea Laws (Author) December 6th, 2013

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Reckoning

Questions arose in the beginning;
an unrecognizable moment

The pain hit hard enough to remain,
but left no bruise to heal from

A coffin now bestows who you are
covered in folded colors of blues and whites

A sight hard to see,
but a truth to be noticed

The touch of the wood is something that doesn’t splinter,
as I lean down yearning to hear you breathe

Accusations jumbled with memories,
and questions seem to be the only answer

What was it like to give yourself to the flames?
Is the dark all that dark?

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anticipating Vapor

she waits

black leather
skin-covered secret
concealed by un-washable fear

she sparks

silent, starred anticipation
familiar visitors
never revealed

she drags

swept, scooped, and sold
recyclable trash for
another day

she burns

molted shell tossed
in shame, in trust
in agony

she ashes
©Andrea Laws (Author) December 14th, 2014


strings of volume cannot increase the
curiosity of this song
his memory:
hidden in dry adventures
his reflections:
guided by illegitimate contributions

a fire withstands the
horizon between water and sky
delicate hands flounder the deck;
foolishness is her ship and
she was happy to climb aboard

bare skin shines moonlight as
his lies claimed their space in
her empty pockets

underneath the murkiness of
uncertainty, bubbles enclosed with
last breaths dance around her
misguided skull

she crystallized the moment in a
dark and deserted shallow as the
laughter above gives way to the
power of the stones

©Andrea Laws (Author) March 5th, 2014

For Alice

the way you move;
the way you speak
inspirations we hope to keep

screaming at the night
listening to your words of might
we dispensed the existence of our fright

your music shall carry on
awaking this reality’s dawn
dominating generations now and beyond

proud to keep praising
proud to keep shouting

Alice!  Alice!  Alice! 

First appeared in Stars in Our Hearts, published by the World Poetry Movement (2012)

©Andrea Laws (Author) May 18th, 2015