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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Quest

dreamers of dreams
fear not the
unguided temptations

wonder all inherited
capabilities and
I will be with you

ignore the demon laughing at
curious blood stumbled upon
growth of understanding

the chaos

decipher its realness through
eyes unable to see past
prayers unanswered

©Andrea Laws (Author) August 3rd, 2014

The Dreamer's Five Senses

I saw your face
but couldn’t hear your voice

I touched your skin
but couldn’t smell your hair

I tasted your mouth
but couldn’t receive your breath

I dreamed of you
but it was too late

I wished you came back
but you never did

I waited for you
to mean something to be something

you’re a shadow memory stuck
fading in farewell’s goodbye
©Andrea Laws (Author) August 3rd, 2014

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Backyard Tale

soybean field relaying
sunset’s horizon cold
fantasies praying
inspiring little and old

perfect world for resting
under ancient sky furies
bitter memories nesting
releasing sorrowful worries

forever changing the gate
of Earth permanence, adieu
stars announcing the age date
revealing secrets hitherto

Published in New Poetry Magazine's 2018 Issue:


a burial above fevered ground
the violet flowers would not stay;
inaccurate sized blanket bound
sheltering wooden casket, we pray

            supernatural being of light
            bring forth peace and loving on this life
            take her to a different world gone
            past our seeing this desolate lawn

indeterminable grey afar;
realizing in sunflower shades
moral compensation to a star
stripping away unwanted brigades

this, among others for stone display
those that have disappeared underground
where an area lies with no fray
no rules of life, liberty or sound

she is not gone amid the dry leaves
she is not gone amid the green trees
she was never here to fight or stay
she was always here to live and play

Published in New Poetry Magazine's 2018 Issue:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three Minutes of Fame

an enemy of unknown bondage
straps its straps on thee
digging deeper and deeper in
skin wanting to be free

 “play it again!” they yell
satisfying their thirst
bidding towards hell
but never leaving first

enemy’s hidden beauty
fills these guilty walls, but
now at the hour of death
they yield

stretching on stony depths
represented by marks
this society only approves by
uncommitted barks 

©Andrea Laws (Author) December 6th, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

In Our Blood...Is This A Hazard?

raged, unmarked hearts
thirsting for knowledgeable mouths and
            donated parts
suckle the depths of the
            sloth, the leech
            the conjured sneeches
prescribed by their achievement,
but never by their bereavement
            they follow their natural hunger
devouring hate’s despaired past
leaving out all the rest
for a joyous reminiscence
to enhance cognizance
and remind the few to not be a pest

Behold! the tick!
the draining species of blood
            to pump their bellies full of our DNA mud

cast a shadow on your chest
            making it bleed out the rest
beat away the tenderized meat
            leftover from your grinder’s defeat
disaster falls towards water you feed
            drying your mouth with feelings of greed
maggot DNA soaks its remains
            in the remainder of your flesh in chains
                                    ‘Be eaten, and forgotten.’
Life circles
set in stories and
stopped in books
misinterpreted and
spat-upon looks 

©Andrea Laws (Author) May 28th, 2015

Saturday, October 19, 2013


serpents no longer crown his horns
his limbs…
torn to burn and stir
giving birth to pomegranates for
mortal blood

drunk and sober realities accompanied with
weapons of vines and ivy,
shackle the
cursed witnesses of his

spring obsession brings forth
his arrival
dominating her raging ones;
Rhea’s Mysteries
as Maenads sacrifice to
create legacies based on
the religious right of death

Dionysus! Dionysus! Dionysus!

your offering begins with
troubled souls
lost in darkness that you
created to find them again

free the righteous from
their chains of guilt
tear away shame brought by

your judging time begins
now and
forever shall be

First appeared in Altered Reality Magazine, 2018,

Friday, September 20, 2013


a cold shoulder
a sweaty head
a pale face;
nothing seems to fit

I watch…
silent words from a
boisterous mouth as
I crinkle my secret buried
beneath the Book

he spoke nonsense again, yet the
cult beamed as if he was the
Word of God; a gesture to
burn my corpse


Ah, confession!
a gift from the Above to feel sane!
time to admit my sins to the
ultimate sinner
and may God be with you, my son
            may he not be with you
tell me your sins…
black shadowed Savior          
show me the devil that lies within
show me the way to salvation


now I walk through
death’s shadow valley without a
pair of wings behind me, and
I do not fear evil

with my hands disguised in
blood, I push open the
pearly gates

My son! St. Peter says
I laugh and
wipe my hands clean on
his white robe

First appeared in Whispers VII: A Collection of Short Works, published by Greenspring Publishing (2009)

© author, Andrea Laws (2008)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Million Piece Chain (a message to the graffiti desk in my poetry class)

“the chain that fell off my bike today
is now wrapped around my heart”

only a guess…

happy times are past;
love is nothing but a brush of a
stranger on the street

if only he could remember
that sweet smell of cupid fire
mixed with skin on a special day
where the sun hit sweat upon heat

only a wish…

one to share the life of the future
a soul mate to grasp his inner dark secrets

if only that chain broke into a million pieces
traveling away with a message in its mouth
of flesh upon flesh, wine-drunken breath
and too little too late

only a hope…

give away feelings of loneliness;
let the heart roam beyond the
wrapped around chain

wash away the tears
and dismember ache that burrows
between his lungs
climb through the trees of his veins
carrying a message in blood of hope

hold on and never let go
keep riding and wait for the chain
to forget its purpose

First appeared in Snapdragon Journal, Fall 2017, Issue 3.3, “Remember” (

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remember Me

I doubt…

shouting mind,
whisper words hidden behind
the silent-mouthed tongue
listening to the
super ego that is dying to
enjoy an unedited version

I listen…

words pour out with
aching moments cluttered by
past assurance of sanity living
shutting up the fake laughs of
hopeful sex to allow
attention to an unknown saying

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

London Street Kiss

confusion dances with this walk as
            cash stains a linen pocket,
            crossing bearers of wishful thinking

cracks lead towards home’s sidewalk as
            breath juggles chilled footsteps;
            the only heard whisper to frozen ears

buttoned blanket swirls
            gravity’s romantic measure of movement as
            familiar hands grab familiar fingertips

lips touch the way of speaking speechless
            never wanting it to end,
            never wanting to share

never in dreams has appeared such reality;
            like strange folklore
            committing itself to generational souls

©Andrea Laws (Author), November 7th, 2013

My Country, Again

airport beams
haunt my dreams
in memories produced,
so it seems
sticky, like cobwebs
in fingertip ridges
waiting to burn
fear’s bridges

sleepless nights and
dawn less days;
mistress covered eyes
in haze
doubting the road; the
path decided
chanting fear
constantly recited

which to
pick among the

let me through and
see what game is
to be true

©Andrea Laws (Author) November 6th, 2016