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Saturday, January 12, 2013

London Street Kiss

confusion dances with this walk as
            cash stains a linen pocket,
            crossing bearers of wishful thinking

cracks lead towards home’s sidewalk as
            breath juggles chilled footsteps;
            the only heard whisper to frozen ears

buttoned blanket swirls
            gravity’s romantic measure of movement as
            familiar hands grab familiar fingertips

lips touch the way of speaking speechless
            never wanting it to end,
            never wanting to share

never in dreams has appeared such reality;
            like strange folklore
            committing itself to generational souls

©Andrea Laws (Author), November 7th, 2013

My Country, Again

airport beams
haunt my dreams
in memories produced,
so it seems
sticky, like cobwebs
in fingertip ridges
waiting to burn
fear’s bridges

sleepless nights and
dawn less days;
mistress covered eyes
in haze
doubting the road; the
path decided
chanting fear
constantly recited

which to
pick among the

let me through and
see what game is
to be true

©Andrea Laws (Author) November 6th, 2016