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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Million Piece Chain (a message to the graffiti desk in my poetry class)

“the chain that fell off my bike today
is now wrapped around my heart”

only a guess…

happy times are past;
love is nothing but a brush of a
stranger on the street

if only he could remember
that sweet smell of cupid fire
mixed with skin on a special day
where the sun hit sweat upon heat

only a wish…

one to share the life of the future
a soul mate to grasp his inner dark secrets

if only that chain broke into a million pieces
traveling away with a message in its mouth
of flesh upon flesh, wine-drunken breath
and too little too late

only a hope…

give away feelings of loneliness;
let the heart roam beyond the
wrapped around chain

wash away the tears
and dismember ache that burrows
between his lungs
climb through the trees of his veins
carrying a message in blood of hope

hold on and never let go
keep riding and wait for the chain
to forget its purpose

First appeared in Snapdragon Journal, Fall 2017, Issue 3.3, “Remember” (

©Andrea Laws (Author) 2013