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Friday, September 20, 2013


a cold shoulder
a sweaty head
a pale face;
nothing seems to fit

I watch…
silent words from a
boisterous mouth as
I crinkle my secret buried
beneath the Book

he spoke nonsense again, yet the
cult beamed as if he was the
Word of God; a gesture to
burn my corpse


Ah, confession!
a gift from the Above to feel sane!
time to admit my sins to the
ultimate sinner
and may God be with you, my son
            may he not be with you
tell me your sins…
black shadowed Savior          
show me the devil that lies within
show me the way to salvation


now I walk through
death’s shadow valley without a
pair of wings behind me, and
I do not fear evil

with my hands disguised in
blood, I push open the
pearly gates

My son! St. Peter says
I laugh and
wipe my hands clean on
his white robe

First appeared in Whispers VII: A Collection of Short Works, published by Greenspring Publishing (2009)

© author, Andrea Laws (2008)