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Saturday, October 19, 2013


serpents no longer crown his horns
his limbs, torn  to burn and stir and to
give birth to pomegranates for mortal blood

drunk and sober realities accompanied with
weapons of vines and ivy, shackled the
cursed witnesses of his transformations

the beginning of spring obsession
brought forth the arrival of his
raging ones

as he diminished into Rhea’s Mysteries
Maenads sacrificed to create legacies making
death become a religious rite

Dionysus, Dionysys, Dionysus

your offering begins with troubled souls
lost in darkness that you created to
find them again

free the righteous from their chains of guilt
tear away shame brought by man
shackle the judging

your time begins now and shall never end

©Andrea Laws (Author) May 18th, 2015