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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SEO – A Guide to the World of Information

A question of unknown state arises and the
        need of knowing the answer
                <becomes a quest>
<Power On>
<Connect>:Location:"C:\Program Files\Internet Icon\internetnow.exe"
<Double Click>

1From what!? 2How to begin!?
By <Search Engine Optimization>, of course
An engine fueled by questionnaire from
        <typed words> of its choosers to
        provide <definitions> and <images>;
A sort of <information deity> that leaves
        <choices in the quest for answers>

distractions shall prevail to
        <discard the <quest>>
Decoys to enable <!!marketing!!>
                                                       *&!SALE!&* = CLICK THIS
                                            *&!DAILYHOROSCOPE!&* = CLICK THIS
Keep focus and scroll
Don’t be afraid to click SEO’s
        <safe, harmless, (:non-pop-up:) options> to
        release the tension of the unknown and
               provide the answer of the known

Follow clicking extinct
        <never limit the answer to just one>

Allow the information to sink and build a
        journey of gaining <pieces> of the <world>
               </never> <known> <before/>
©October 9th, 2013, by Andrea Laws (Author)