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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Backyard Tale

soybean field relaying
sunset’s horizon cold
fantasies praying
inspiring little and old

perfect world for resting
under ancient sky furies
bitter memories nesting
releasing sorrowful worries

forever changing the gate
of Earth permanence, adieu
stars announcing the age date
revealing secrets hitherto

Published in New Poetry Magazine's 2018 Issue:


a burial above fevered ground
the violet flowers would not stay;
inaccurate sized blanket bound
sheltering wooden casket, we pray

            supernatural being of light
            bring forth peace and loving on this life
            take her to a different world gone
            past our seeing this desolate lawn

indeterminable grey afar;
realizing in sunflower shades
moral compensation to a star
stripping away unwanted brigades

this, among others for stone display
those that have disappeared underground
where an area lies with no fray
no rules of life, liberty or sound

she is not gone amid the dry leaves
she is not gone amid the green trees
she was never here to fight or stay
she was always here to live and play

Published in New Poetry Magazine's 2018 Issue:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three Minutes of Fame

an enemy of unknown bondage
straps its straps on thee
digging deeper and deeper in
skin wanting to be free

 “play it again!” they yell
satisfying their thirst
bidding towards hell
but never leaving first

enemy’s hidden beauty
fills these guilty walls, but
now at the hour of death
they yield

stretching on stony depths
represented by marks
this society only approves by
uncommitted barks 

©Andrea Laws (Author) December 6th, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

In Our Blood...Is This A Hazard?

raged, unmarked hearts
thirsting for knowledgeable mouths and
            donated parts
suckle the depths of the
            sloth, the leech
            the conjured sneeches
prescribed by their achievement,
but never by their bereavement
            they follow their natural hunger
devouring hate’s despaired past
leaving out all the rest
for a joyous reminiscence
to enhance cognizance
and remind the few to not be a pest

Behold! the tick!
the draining species of blood
            to pump their bellies full of our DNA mud

cast a shadow on your chest
            making it bleed out the rest
beat away the tenderized meat
            leftover from your grinder’s defeat
disaster falls towards water you feed
            drying your mouth with feelings of greed
maggot DNA soaks its remains
            in the remainder of your flesh in chains
                                    ‘Be eaten, and forgotten.’
Life circles
set in stories and
stopped in books
misinterpreted and
spat-upon looks 

©Andrea Laws (Author) May 28th, 2015