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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Barking Dog

his echoing bark opened curious windows
his whimper carried through the wind;
speaking words no ears could understand

his vengeful heart explained his duty,
hoping his cry would affect the
unwanted being

that mouth could simply swallow
hands behind fingers as
grinning teeth compliment black skin

a story forms in the unwanted’s mind
he returns the favor by replying with
his own hideous yelp

“Bark at me so, screaming creature,
but do not blame me for
being the reflection in your eye.”

©Andrea Laws (author) 2008. All rights reserved.

You Want It to Be

we have kingdoms of greatness
kingdoms of time
kingdoms of precious natures and
kingdoms of mine

it’s not a glass that you can fill
it’s not a watch you can wind
it’s unfixable
it is itself

watching, waiting, watching
nothing seems to pass
unfolded lives conjuring
weather from the East

you never smiled when
I said your name
never laughed when I cried
never sang a word of praise

you are mine and I want you
you are mine, and I will have you
you are mine, and
you aren’t mine

©Andrea Laws (author) 2008. All rights reserved.

The Circle's Existence

what’s lost will be lost in one heart but an
unblocked gateway in another

worry nothing over adrenaline, the
cause was greater than you

experience the lesson and growth and
never reduce the memory of time shared

possession is no longer heard in the
outcome that rests in another’s hands

you’ve gained a future without and
vision of life without

realize and remember that
your turn will soon be discovered

©Andrea Laws (author) February 19th, 2017. All rights reserved.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


a place where south winds rise
against plains of wild dreams;
insights of the west
reminding the rest
to cross imaginations of living small, but big

red-tail hawks soar open skies
searching for unlucky meals;
            pausing, wings flapping
            contemplating the snatching
            nature of a natural Kansas predator

Indian summer, Indian winter
Kansans witness both;
            cold flurries mixed with sunshine
            roaring thunder background elderberry wine
            watching tornados pass through backyards

unchartered paths, where soiled hands protect
wheat-filled air, our signature of home
            forever a free state
            the most honorable trait
            ad astra per aspera

©Andrea Laws (author) February 12, 2017. All rights reserved.