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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Black and White

live free or die
everything to the soul;
a burden and a salvation

we conjure these morals to
exist our existence;
preparing to die

contemplating the “what ifs?”;
unbearable regret choosing to
live in terror grey

organized cults;
sources of chaos,
believe in white and black

soul changing anxiety;
unhappy than possible
wicked space not filled

alone we are brought
alone we thrive, but
alone is not dark nor ominous

it is characteristic of being
it is complimentary
it is ourselves

©Andrea Laws (author) 2013. All rights reserved.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Seven Deadly

stuffs the last bit of gravy
back into her never-closing hole
and wipes her teeth clean for the next round
shuffles the green
grinning at his rewards
as his guilty client walks to freedom
struts down the slums of the city,
wearing only skin,
and spreads herself like a martyr
rubs her eyes
looking at the hours passed
and rolls to the cold side of the bed
shoves the map away
looking down the road
and knows exactly where he’s going
throws the glass of beer
realizing that she is drunk
but not the girl lying next to him
pushes through the pearly gates
covered in blood,
and wipes his hands clean on St. Peter's robe

First appeared in Gathering Storm Magazine's Year 1, Issue 6 (December, 2017) <>. All rights reserved.

The Next Chapter

The ones who fear the
endless possibilities are those who
have intoxicating voices filled with
deep tones of promise and
revolutions not worth becoming the
population of the dead;

Their brainwashing fever overthrows the
innocent, young and unguided to a
determined ego friendly paradigm
 where knowledge is evil and
“to be” or “not to be” is determined by
big brother.

Innocence is the new ignorance and
they won’t be stopped unless the
jackass continues to scream loudly
while the pygmies of art tranquilize the
elephant beast, guilty of this
morbid birth of thought.

©Andrea Laws (author) 2013. All rights reserved.

The Guessing Game

ghosts trot in sequined gowns
diving through wanted beings
scouring naked grounds to
rock the cradle of the seeing

every life comes to an end
a journey we all seek
never laughing at fallen horses
or believing in the weak

soldiers become warriors
senators become presidents
royalty becomes royalty
but what about the other inheritance?

no one knows their
deepest depths
their secrets kept
their last breath

these are words unwritten
creating sabotage of
human thought
a guessing game worth bidding

©Andrea Laws (author) March 5th, 2017. All rights reserved.

Swinging Low & Aiming High

stepping up to the plate
to free the risk

muddy cleats burrowing
in destined dirt

heart beating with every
nod from the pitcher

the future stands with a stare down

maybe let one fly by
to see the competition?

licked lips start the anticipation
last breaths before the move

strike out or make it home?
at least I’m part of the game

©Andrea Laws (author) 2008. All rights reserved.

Miles Away

if there ever was a sadness
I saw you in the flight
miles away

eyes never looking back
forgotten lust surpassing this

our love
forever in the 

sweeping feet, sinking cheeks,
shaking limbs of 
lost distant time

wandering sky meeting truth
surveying existence’s being

that will never be

©Andrea Laws (author) 2009. All rights reserved.